01/19/18 Darren Lara & Christina Marie

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JoAnn & Sarina’s interview here:

VEGAN NATION RADIO USA 91.3 FM, broadcasting every Thursday* 4PM ~ 4:30PM ET, online at WCUW.org. Hosted by Marlene Narrow WCUW Worcester, Massachusetts. Archived shows (2015-2018) at: vegansradio.wordpress.com and WCUW.org/vegannation Interviews with Vegan author JoAnn Farb, and her activist daughter, Sarina Farb in Kansas on January 12, 2018; as well as Kansas activists, Christina Marie  (Christina Mitchell) and Darren Lara, (Darren Attebery), a Vegan couple, on January 19, 2018. Thank you for caring enough to hear and be heard. 

Darren and Christina are a 2 year vegan couple and animal rights activists who spend alot of time working together doing AR activism , planning animal rescues and educating the public about the benefits of veganism.   Christina is a 38 yr old Kansas native who currently is a part time care giver who’s life long passion for animals led her to starting “Animal Life Society” a local non profit that helps displaced animals find loving homes. She enjoys reading and spending her evenings with her 3 Chihuahuas.   Darren is a 41 yr old entrepreneur and poker player who travels often to animal rights protest and marches all over the country doing speak outs and disruptions. He is best known for is outspoken nature when it comes to the “The Humane Meat Myth” which by his own admission draws alot of criticism. His no nonsense approach towards animal rights is inspiring to both seasoned activists and budding vegans.   Within the last few months alone this couple has been very busy. In October they took part in an open rescue of several animals with DxE in Oakland . Just last month they rescued a lamb and 2 goats that were going for slaughter and just within the last 2 weeks they played an intricate roll in saving 2 cows and finding placement for them as well.  animallifesociety.org

 JoAnn Farb is a former microbiologist with a global pharmaceutical company, who became vegan over twenty five years ago because of that job.  She is also the parent of two life-long (now grown-up) vegan daughters, author of one of the first vegan parenting books ever published: Compassionate Souls — Raising the Next Generation to Raise the World, and will soon be publishing her third book which will explain why the issue of gluten is so critical to the vegan movement.  She lectures nationally on parenting, veganism, healthy aging and gluten. joannfarb.com

Sarina is a life-long vegan and second generation activist with a passion for making the world a better place. She speaks publicly and has published essays about growing up vegan and dealing with “pushback” to veganism.  Sarina previously worked with Tribe of Heart as the International Liaison, helping to make the award-winning animal films The Witness and Peaceable Kingdom: The journey Home understandable and accessible to people in as many cultures as possible.  In addition to speaking about veganism, Sarina is currently a math and science tutor, and hopes to pursue a PhD in education with the goal of rethinking science curricula to include a better discussion of ethics in science. Sarina also founded AACT, a vegan group at Grinnell College, where she earned degrees in biochemistry and policy studies.   http://joannfarb.weebly.com/blog/my-parents-forced-veganism-on-me

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