07/26/18 Dr. Armaiti May – Vegan Veterinarian


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Tune in to the Vegan Nation radio interview with Dr. Armaiti May on Thursday July 26,2018 from 4pm to 4:30pm Eastern time (1pm PST). We’ll be discussing her Plant-Based Dog Health Study. Please support the study, especially before June 30th because “There is a strong possibility of getting $50K matching funds if we can raise $75K by June 30, 2018.” ~ Armaiti. Vegan Nation airs every Thursday on WCUW 91. 3 FM in Massachusetts; and you can listen to the On-Air live-stream broadcast from anywhere in the world here: wcuw.org. Hosted by Marlene Narrow, Worcester, MA. Archives: wcuw.org/vegannation (radio station index) and vegansradio.wordpress.com. Thank you for caring enough to hear and be heard.



From Dr. Armaiti May:

This initiative has kick-started a movement to encourage Shelters around the country to explore plant-based options for their dogs. The goal is worthwhile: if all Shelters in the US were to go plant-based for dogs – that would have the same impact on the environment as taking millions of cars off the road. And we’d save the lives of tens of millions of farm animals, while improving the health and adoptability of hundreds of thousands of shelter dogs.

Therefore, it would be incredibly helpful – in fact, it would be game-changing – if we were to have irrefutable scientific evidence that demonstrates what we already know to be true: dogs are healthier on well-balanced, nutritionally complete plant-based diets.

Proponents of the Los Angeles initiative have secured a Professor of Veterinary Medicine from the Western University of Health Sciences to carry out a controlled, ethical, humane, and scientifically sound study to evaluate the health of dogs on plant-based vs. meat diets.

Getting permission to do such a study is, in itself, historic.

The study will cost $125,000. And — the University has agreed to match funding up to $50,000!

If we can raise at least $50,000, the study will happen! And, it can happen fast – if we can demonstrate to the University that we are well on our way to raising these funds by June 30th, the study can begin this Summer!

So, this is where you come in. Proponents of this initiative have created a gofundme fundraiser at
https://www.gofundme.com/plan tbased-dogs to raise the needed dollars to fund this revolutionary, ground-breaking study.

I am asking all of you to please donate what you can! Any amount will help, and if we all contribute, the funds will add up fast. Please share this email and this link with everyone you know! If we can make this study happen, we will have incontrovertible evidence not only to help support the initiative in Los Angeles, but to support similar initiatives around the country, and around the word.

Millions of animal lives are at stake, including the lives of shelter dogs – and human lives.

Please join us!