11/15/18 Sanctuary for Earthlings

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Vegan Nation airs every Thursday on WCUW 91.3 FM radio in Worcester Massachusetts, USA, and can be heard worldwide at: wcuw.org. Hosted by Marlene Narrow, Worcester, Massachusetts.
Thank you for caring enough to hear and be heard

In celebration of the “Vegan Awareness Month” Proclamation, November 2018, Vegan Nation features music & speeches by vegan activists.

WCUW is listener-supported, commercial-free radio. If interested, one can donate here:
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Here is the link to the Vegan Awareness Month proclamation:

In this episode, featuring the music of Katina CzyczelisDonna DeLoryRemedy RoseJoseph PeckKreezy RWill Tuttle. Sunta Africa and Alfee R. Westgroves

Snippets of the speeches by Seba Johnson – Olympian, Activist, Vegan since birth

Also,snippets of speeches by Philip Wollen Kindness Trust.

The music & speeches in this episode were chosen because, in my opinion, Seba Johnson, Philip Wollen, and the musicians included within, are very powerful, wise activists. I believe that their work and their talents are a powerful force in transforming this planet from a paradigm of normalized violence into the new Vegan paradigm of normalized nonviolence.

Note: Please visit the Vegan Nation playlist atwcuw.org (left column of page) for more information on these artists. (I do not include the playlist here because,there has been/is some confusion on the format of the radio playlist, which is a standard list that all radio stations adhere to.
Every entry on the radio playlist includes a link to “Buy” (which refers to registered musicians’ music, (which is a wonderful inclusion; however, because the “Buy” link is included for every entry, I have experienced that some Vegan Nation listeners misunderstand that link and erroneously believe that they need to “buy” Vegan Nation radio in order to listen live-stream or in the archives, which is not the case.) Please support vegan musicians.