8/01/19 Peace Begins on Our Plates

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Vegan Nation features Vegan educators – peace activists, vegan feminists, domestic violence prevention specialists, and other professionals, including Joanna Blad. Joseph Jessica Seckman and Annie McMahon. Tune in!Tune in! Thursday, August 1, 2019, 4 pm to 5 pm Eastern time. WCUW 91.3 FM (New England) Listen worldwide here: https://wcuw.org/listen/. Hosted by Marlene Narrow, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA. Archived Vegan Nation shows: vegansradio.wordpress.com and at the radio station index (currently under reconsruction) wcuw.org/vegannation.

The focus is on the practice & promotion of Veganism to facilitate personal & societal healing for children, men & women worldwide; helping peace & social justice activists, anti-discrimination & human rights advocates, domestic violence prevention professionals, etc. to make the connection. Together, we can transform the current global carniste paradigm of normalized violence into the new vegan paradigm of normalized nonviolence.

It is clearly obvious that we can’t stop the violence in the human arena (century after century!) until humanity ends the violence towards those who don’t look like us. Peace begins on our plates. Ruth Hawe sums it up: “Without Unity Consciousness and Empathic Compassion for all fellow Earthlings we’re stuck in suffering, as suffering, constantly creating more suffering whilst struggling to escape the suffering that we’re making.” “We are just voicing the portion of Truth gifted to us to hold aren’t we. It’s an imperative, a relentless gnawing drive, our purpose and current mission. How we all long to move to the next joyfilled stage of co-creating Vegantopia! Of course that’s part of our task already, albeit in pockets of peaceful awareness and hearts of awakened vision.” ~ Ruth Hawe

Thank you for caring enough to hear and be heard.

To learn, see and hear what animals are experiencing at the hands of carnistes – human adolescents & adults who, in 2019, still refuse to embrace/embody/promote nonviolence (veganism), please visit Unparalleled Suffering(unparalleledsuffering.com) and Free from Harm(freefromharm.org) and Be Fair Be Vegan(befairbevegan.com)

Thank you for caring enough to hear and be heard.

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