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Vegan Nation radio features the Official Animal Rights March 2019. Also including 4 Toronto, Canada nonviolent direct action events (8/17-8/19). Tune in! WCUW 91.3 FM worldwide online:wcuw.org/listen August 22, 2019, 4 pm to 5 pm Eastern time. Hosted by Marlene Narrow, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA. Archives;vegansradio.wordpress.com
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Len Goldberg
Toronto Pig Save
Anita Krajnc

The Official Animal Rights March-NYC-2019
The Official Animal Rights March 2019 | Copenhagen
The Official Animal Rights March – Chicago
The Official Animal Rights March – Toronto
Animal Rebellion
Jenny McQueen,

Olivia Ashley

Music: Queen V; Will Tuttle

Excellent article on the Toronto street blockade:https://www.thestar.com/opinion/contributors/2019/08/20/if-animal-rights-activists-disturbed-your-weekend-they-succeeded.html?fbclid=IwAR3RMqQTJEbQp6tM2ZlAjIOZzTfQF-p-js3-Y_4e5aGNdjuXpoqq9pr5ZEw

Note: Vegan Nation host, Marlene Narrow, is also a World Peace Diet Facilitator. One of our missions is to help the public understand that peace in the community and in the world, is impossible in a global carniste paradigm based on the natural laws of “as we sow we reap” and “what we put out comes back”. This, scientifically (and spiritually), explains why, even in 2019, when humanity has massive technological advancement, there is an unfortunate massive amount of violence & suffering in the human arena to children, women & men of all races and on all continents. Many people are now waking up to understand that the missing piece (peace) is that Veganism is necessary to stop & end the violence/suffering that humanity experiences as a result of a global herderic-carniste culture – which can be understood as: we don’t deserve tranquility* & peace while we are, consciously or unconsciously, inflicting suffering & injustice upon those who don’t look like us (the other animals). MLK Jr. described it in a similar manner as “negative peace”, whereas some may think that they are experiencing peace in their own lives, or their family’s own lives, yet billions around the world are not experiencing peace. So, our goal as Vegan activists is to actualize “positive peace”. We believe that it’s necessary to realize a tipping point of Vegans, globally, in order to achieve a planetary paradigm of “positive peace.”

There’s a great song by Ellie Sarty of Compassion Arts called Everything Comes Around, that explains this in an artistic/creative way – Excerpt of lyrics: “Under the heavens, we pray for mercy in our lives; and under our hands can we show no mercy for those lives we sacrifice. Suffer the innocent. Consuming more than victims, there’s no cure for the ill in store, you’ll see. …as our choices make their way around…” Will Tuttle (author of The World Peace Diet) also explains it in a similar manner to help people understand the mystery why ‘bad things happen to good people’. This doesn’t mean that human suffering is intentionally inflicted, what it means is that we will, inevitably, experience suffering, in its many forms – disease, wars, violence, addictions, family/national chaos/conflicts, etc., as a direct result of the COLLECTIVE actions of a nonvegan human population. It’s based on quantum theory – reflective vibrations. This is the reason why it’s imperative that Vegans do our best to co-create a vegan planet Earth, and to help nonvegans to understand and to also transition (change) into becoming Vegan in order to help stop & end the cycles of suffering for humanity. Many Vegans explain this concept; but are often misunderstood because many nonvegans (carnistes) choose to ignore their culpability & responsibility (ability to respond) in causing unnecessary suffering to others who don’t look like us.

“We suffer as a people all things we cause all other creatures to suffer from. ” ~ Joseph Jessica Seckman, messenger of the Universal & Apostolic Church (Joseph & Jessica’s interviews are also in the Vegan Nation archives)

Jacque Salomon, A World Peace Diet Facilitator, and the co-founder of Aligned Life, and Seeds to Inspire in Phoenix, Arizona (Seeds to Inspire co-hosts the Vegan World 2026! Conference) also stated it her Vegan Nation interview (paraphrasing): When any of my brothers and sisters (human/nonhuman) are not well, when any of me (we are one) are not well, I am not well.
*tranquility – example, people are in fear of theft or harm (locking doors, cyber security, afraid to go out after dark, carrying guns, airport checks, etc.). We see that the human population is not in a state of tranquility; yet every day, worldwide, humans steal from & harm mostly females & their young offspring/children in order to confiscate & consume their breast milk (dairy products), menstrual/ovulatory secretions (eggs), and flesh. This is why a vegan world is necessary for tranquility for everyone – human & nonhuman alike.

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