12/26/19 Genesis and Genelle Butler Year of the Vegan

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Vegan Nation celebrates ‘Year of the Vegan 2019’ with an interview with Genesis For Animals- A Vegan Child’s Journey: Genesis Butler and Mom, Genelle VP Butler (rebroadcast). Also featuring Erin Janus‘ video: What’s Wrong with Eggs?
Music: Daniel Redwood, Jason Oliver (lyrics: Eva Hamer). Vegan Nation airs every Thursday 4 pm to 5 pm EST WCUW 91.3 FM on your radio dial in New England, and live-streams worldwide: wcuw.org. Hosted by Marlene Narrow, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA. Archives: vegansradio.wordpress.com (and at the radio station index: wcuw.org/vegannation). Thank you for caring enough to hear and be heard. Honorable mention within this broadcast includes: Farm Sanctuary, Animal Hero Kids – animalherokids.org, Million Dollar Vegan, The Invisible Vegan, Animal Hero Kids Voices for the Voiceless Book
Genesis Butler (Dec. 11, 2019): “I have recently joined Farm Sanctuary’s Youth Leadership Council—a national network of student animal activists working in their communities to take action for farm animals.”
Genelle’s photo: credit to Beth Redwood
Jason Oliver on Youtube:
Leeza’s full quote (Dec 26, 2019): “”Bigotry is violence. Prejudice is not compatible with nonviolence. Speciesism — species profiling — is probably the original prejudice.
Not only has it been the source of unmitigated horror, but the human animal’s speciesist bigotry has rebounded, facilitating all manner of prejudice against anything and anyone “different” in any way from ourselves and our chosen community.
The rebounding of the bigotry of speciesism is, in fact, what has facilitated wars, pogroms, and persecution of “minorities.”
Speciesism has facilitated any and every manner of cruelty toward other-than-human species. Denial prevents the human animal from the acceptance of the truth that speciesism is the root cause: violence against other-than-human animals is the root cause of every horror that befalls…wait for it…the human animal.”~Leeza Coleman
Erin’s video: