04/09/20 Climate Diet Summit. Healing Our World

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April 9th topic: Questioning the official narrative, and kickstarting the healing process for our world.  Vegan Nation WCUW 91.3 FM every Thursday 4 pm to 5 pm Eastern time. Listen worldwide online at: wcuw.org/listen (Thursdays 4 pm EST)
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Thank you Vegan educators, activists, entrepreneurs & farmers; and thank you all for caring enough to hear and be heard.

In this episode, we feature an interview with Sarina Farb discussing the Climate Diet Summit. Also featuring the music of Joseph PeckJason OliverEva Hamer and Will Tuttle. Also featuring important, wise words by Armaiti May. Announcing Vegan Psychologist Clare Mann‘s new video, How to cope when global fear goes viral. And words of compassion & wisdom by Judy Carman of Compassion Circle and Prayer Circle for Animals.

Online Climate Diet Summit!: Co-organizer, Allison Rivers Samson, Sustainability Expert, Speakers: Ellen Jaffe Jones, Nil Zacharis of One Green PlanetLuke MarshHope BohanecSailesh Rao of Climate Healers, Lauren Ornelas of Food Empowerment ProjectMiyoko Schinner, Lee Hall, Rachel ParentGenesis For Animals- A Vegan Child’s Journey: Genesis ButlerMilton Rene MillsPaul Watson, Lana Weidgenant, Connie Spence of Vegan Justice League and Agriculture Fairness Alliance., Dr. Michael Klaper, M.D., and Dr. Will Tuttle
Poster credits:
Art by Jo Frederiks
Go Vegan World billboard – Dublin, Ireland; March 2020
Anagram drawing by Born Vegan