02/25/21 Vegans Spill the Truth about Lab Grown Meat

“Vegans Spill The Truth About Lab Grown Meat”. Featured on Vegan Nation radio WCUW 91.3 FM. Listen online: wcuw.org/listen 4:30 pm Eastern time (4:30 to 5 pm).
Vegan Nation archives: vegansradio.wordpress.com
Much thanks to Sarina Farb, content creator and speaker at Born Vegan (bornvegan.org) for sharing her recording of this panel discussion, which was held at Summerfest in Pennsylvania. Panelists include Dr. Milton Rene MillsSarina FarbLee Hall, and Harold Brown. Moderator: JoAnn Farb.

WCUW 91.3 FM is nonprofit community radio serving central Massachusetts and the globe. wcuw.org
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