Northern Tracey’s Scribblings – July 9, 2021

In these perilous times of 2021, there are wise Vegans who are courageously speaking out. Vegan Nation features two of these wonderful activists. Singer-songwriter (and vegan mom) Carrie Plummer (stage name: Carrie Schugar, of The Schugars) in Michigan, with their song, Freedom. In this episode, I share the work of Tracey Northern in Ireland (Northern Tracey’s scribblings). Tracey is an independent researcher since 1985 – researching cancer, vaccines, and more recently, germ theory and virology. She is an anti-vivisectionist and animal rights campaigner; artist & illustrator; and a veganic/permaculture food producer. This episode focuses on her article published May 14, 2021 – The Germ Theory an Idiots Guide (transcript of a show she did with Crazzfiles). Thank you for caring enough to hear and be heard. Thank you for your activism to co-create a world of peace, health and freedom for all. Hosted by Marlene Narrow, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA. Tune in to Vegan Nation every Friday from 4 pm to 4:30 pm Eastern time on WCUW 91.3 FM radio. Online at: (Fridays at 4). Vegan Nation archives:

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Poster: art by Madeleine Tuttle. See article by Will Tuttle: “A culture of predators despite our true nature”

A culture of predators despite our true nature

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