Health Freedom, Animal Liberation, Music – Jan 3, 2022

Vegan Nation celebrates the 2020 new year, and 7 yr anniversary.

Music within this episode includes The Sonic Universe (Alex Arndt), Vegan Queen V, Lena Belle, Rahil Babooram, and Will Tuttle.

Deep Veganism, Authentic Veganism explained.

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In this episode, also announcing the human rights campaign by a callaboration of health freedom organizations – Massachusetts Says No to mandates, passports, segregation and discrimination, rally & march, Boston State House & City Hall. January 5, 2020 12-2 pm. #massachusettssaysno #healthrightsma #healthchoice4actionma #bostonfirstrespondersunited #massagainstmandates #MAFA #Childrenshealthrightsofma #AFLDS #MAMedicalFreedomHomeschoolers #MedicalFreedomForAll #NoSegregation #nodiscrimination #BostonStrong