Vegans for Freedom – January 24, 2022

In this episode, Vegan Nation announces upcoming vegan events, including V-COP8 Vegan World by 2026, Vegans for Freedom Worldwide Action Day, and Sarina Farb ( speaking at The Greater Reset conference in Mexico. Also featuring the music of Alex Arndt (vegan) of The Sonic Universe with their song, “Hold the Line”; and also the music of The Schugars (vegan) with their song, “Freedom”.

This January 24, 2022 broadcast also includes a snippet of a live-stream by Derrick Broze (vegan) of the Conscious Resistance Network, reporting from their correspondent on the ground at the Jan. 23, 2022 march & rally in Washington D.,C. (USA), Defeat the Mandates D.C.

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