Truckers and Vegans for a Free World – February 21, 2022

Vegan Nation features “Truckers and Vegans for a Free World”, a recent essay published Feb 16, 2022, by vegan author, Judy Carman, in Kansas, USA. Also featuring the activism of Team Vegan on the Freedom Convoy 2022, in Canada. And featuring the song, “Shatter”, by vegan musician, Alex Arndt of The Sonic Universe. (Their song, “Hold the Line”, is featured within the Jan 24, 2022 broadcast of Vegan Nation.)

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Photo: Team Vegan on the Freedom Convoy 2022 – Jason King, Mike Holmes, Adam Adams. (Team Vegan was also featured within the Feb. 14 and Jan. 31, 2002 broadcasts of Vegan Nation.) (within this Feb. 21st Vegan Nation broadcast is also piano music by Will Tuttle: “To be Free” from his album, Animal Songs; and the piano, and flute music by Madeleine Tuttle: “Swirling Free” and “Beyond the Sky” from their album, Inspiration) (“Shatter” and “Hold the Line”)

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