NARD – Animal Lib – Vegan Peace – May 31, 2022

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Today’s May 31st show is a rebroadcast of the Vegan Nation Memorial Day special featuring Part 2 of Dr. Will Tuttle’s interview. Dr. Tuttle is the author of The World Peace Diet: Eating for Spiritual Health and Social Harmony. In this episode, also announcing the National Animal Rights Day, a vegan event happening worldwide on Sun June 5th (; and also featuring the Animal Liberation March India, which was held on May 28th in Mumbai. Music in this show: “Animal Liberation” by VeganoMike (PianoMike); and 4 songs from Will Tuttle’s album, Animal Songs. Also flute music with Madeleine Tuttle, from Will & Madeleine’s, Loon Series #3, Morning Meditations.

Part 1 of Dr. Tuttle’s interview: