Vegan Christmas. Universal Apostolic – 12.20.22

Vegan Nation celebrates the Solstice 2022 with Happy Holidays for all. Interview with Joseph & Jessica Seckman, messenger of the Universal and Apostolic Church. Joseph & Jessica join us from West Virginia, USA. We’ll learn about their wild friend, Thorn the buck, a bit about The Gospel of the Holy Twelve, and how to forage for food and mushrooms in all seasons. We’ll also hear about their vegan children, Joshua & Bithyah, metal forging, and martial arts. Tune in Tuesday! December 20, 2022 at 4 pm EST. worldwide. On your radio dial 91.3 FM WCUW in central Massachusetts. Hosted by Marlene Narrow, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA. Vegan Nation archives can be heard anytime at: Thank you for caring enough to hear and be heard. Vegan Nation is a 1/2 hr radio show, On-Air since 2015, featuring vegan music, news, events and interviews about wholistic veganism. Human freedom, population health & world peace require animal liberation. (Art by Lynda Bell.) Music within Vegan Nation radio: We Wish You a Vegan Christmas by iChoc; and Be Kind Already by Jane Velez-Mitchell, Jason Oliver (Dayzee) and Michelle Swan.

In this interview, Joseph shares that he practices the Martial Art called Wing Chun Kung Fu from the IP Family lineage. Interested folk can contact him on his FB page (Joseph Jessica Seckman, and UAC Messenger) for more information & instruction. Their belief is that Jesus might have used a similar style of this practice when liberating the animals and stopping the slaughterhouse business (purchase, sale & slaughter of animals) in the basement of the temple. Here is Joseph’s written summary: “The importance of Martial arts in Religious organizations and Wing Chun Kung Fu’s importance in this Universal& Apostolic Church: Many people wonder how a War Art can be part of a spiritual path but at it’s root, it is not for hurting or abusing others, it is for protecting and defending the innocents, the weak, and very young.
We practice a specific Chinese Martial Art known as Wing Chun Kung Fu from the IP Family Lineage.
Wing Chun was created in the Shaolin Temple by a female Monk named Ng Mio after witnessing a battle between a Crane and either a Fox, Cat, or serpent. Ng Mio then taught this form to a female outside of the Temple named Wing Chun so she(Wing Chun) could save herself from a gangster that was harrasing her for her hand in marriage. Wing Chun agreed to the marriage only if he could defeat her in battle. She defeated this gangster along with his goons after he became humiliated because of his defeat. Later, Wing Chun taught her Kung Fu to her husband Leung Bok Chi who named the system Wing Chun in reverence to his wife. Lueng Bok Chi taught his nephew Leung Yee Tai who shared this art with Wong Wah Bo who shared with him his knowledge of the six-and-a-half point long pole. Leung Yee Tau passed his martial art skills to his nephew Leung Jan who was a known herbal doctor in Foshan in the Kwangtung province. Leung Jan taught Wing Chun to his two sons, Leung Bik and Leung Chun, and also Chun Wah Shun. Leung Chun did not pass the family system on, but Leung Bik took one student to receive the complete system of Wing Chun who’s name was Ip Man. Chan Wah Shun taught only 16 disciples including Ip Man who was his last disciple. Chan Wah Shun asked his senior student Ng Chung So to continue teaching Ip Man after his passing. In Ip Man’s 23 years of teaching he taught thousands of students including the legendary Wong Shun Leung who said, “You must be the Master of Wing Chun — not it’s slave.”(Wing Chun Unchained, not unchanged by Sifu Tony Massengill) as well as
the most famous, Kung Fu action star Bruce Lee. Ip Man also taught his two sons, Ip Chun and the Late Ip Ching Wing Chun who taught and are still teaching all across the Earth. “Having no thrills, Wing Chun is very percise and deals with the practicalities of self defense”– Grandmaster Ip Chun
The art of Wing Chun is designed so that a smaller opponent can overcome a much larger opponent through Directness Accuracy and Correct Form. Ip Man Family Wing Chun Kung Fu is a very important part of this Universal and Apostolic Church especially for the 2 commmandments of “protecting of the innocent weak and oppressed”, and so that “we may live long in the land.” We have done much reasearch and believe it is the evolution of the first religious martial art, known as the Hindu Kalaripayattu. It is quite possible that Jesus used a style of Kalaripayattu against the priests and the moneychangers in the Temple and according to the Gospel of St Issa, monks who were his friends rescued Jesus from the Roman Guards at his tomb and also healed his injuries. They most certainly would have engaged these soldiers in combat and Kalaripayattu is the longest living religious Martial Art dating back to the 3rd century BCE.”