Scarlet Rescue. Vegan – March 14, 2023

Vegan Nation Tuesday March 14, 2023. 4 PM Eastern Standard Time (4 pm to 4:30 pm EST). Thank you all. On-Air since 2015. Tune in 2 pm Mountain Time.

Scarlet Rescue Lisa Barca & Stephen Davis Host: Marlene Narrow


Lisa A. Barca, Ph.D.

Lisa Barca teaches literature, humanities, and writing at the Arizona State University honors college and is also a rock singer, songwriter, and guitarist. She is the frontwoman of the punk band Scarlet Rescue, which just released an EP titled “Meat and Circuses,” and she has recently launched a solo project of more personal songs. She has been featured on the Jane Unchained Network, Vegan Visibility, and the Always about Animal Rights podcast, as well as in the indie zine Revolution Relaunch, which calls her a “fourth-wave ecofeminist heroine” and a “neo-riot grrrl rocker” who “transcends status-quo group-think” with her “raucous cry for liberation.”   Her debut single for her solo project, “Clean and Clear,” was featured on Arizona Rock KWSS FM for the local spotlight in January 2023.

Stephen P. Davis, Ph.D.

An artist, writer, and “ARTivist” at heart, Stephen (pronounced “Steven”) Davis is the keyboardist and backup vocalist for the all-vegan band Scarlet Rescue. He has also been the executive producer for each of the band’s music videos, as well as assistant director and video editor, props master, and all-around Artistic Edge. He participates often in animal-rights chalktivism, marches, and outreach of other kinds, and in January he became the Editor-in-Chief of the revitalized zine and newsletter known as Arizona Liberationists. When not in the streets, he teaches courses at Arizona State University on Coffee in Global History, Leaders in Film, and Organizational Leadership — and he introduces cruelty-free lessons on Anthropology and Geography to the general public at Phoenix Fan Fusion (COMICON) and “Science the Earth” events.

This link includes the songs Playlist included within this March 14th Vegan Nation episode: