SENTIENT Jay VanLandingham. DO NO HARM Pria Acharya. Vegan – 5.23.23

Vegan Nation features two interviews on 5-23-23. Interview with SENTIENT vegan author, Jay VanLandingham And also an interview with DO NO HARM vegan filmmaker, Pria Acharya. Tune in Tuesday, May 23, 2023, WCUW 91.3 FM 4 PM EDT. Hosted by Marlene Narrow, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA. Archives: Much thanks for your compassionate Vegan advocacy & for listening. Music by Will Tuttle.

Vegan Nation is a half-hour radio show featuring vegan music, news, events & interviews. On-Air since 2015. Vegan Nation embraces the philosophy of deep veganism/authentic Veganism – human freedom & world peace require animal liberation (based on The Golden Rule & the Boomerang Effect – as we sow we reap).

WCUW 91.3 FM is nonprofit, community radio since 1973. Vegan Nation is in The Lobe (radio station’s newsletter). Much thanks to Cincinnati-based Jay VanLandingham, vegan author of SENTIENT. Much thanks to Denver-based Pria Acharya, vegan filmmaker of DO NO HARM. (Vegan Nation Photos)

This WCUW Spinitron link is active for 2 weeks. Includes 2 shows: May 23 & May 16 – One hour (4-5pm Tuesdays):