05/10/18 DianneRochenski / LanniLantto&DustinKatona

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VEGAN NATION RADIO USA 91.3 FM, On-Air every Thursday 4PM ~ 4:30PM ET, hosted by Marlene Narrow WCUW Worcester, Massachusetts. Archives: vegansradio.wordpress.com andwcuw.org/vegannation. May 10, 2018, Interviews with Lanni Lantto & Dustin Katona, a vegan couple who run a spiritual retreat house, serving 100% vegan meals, in the Adirondack Mnts in New York; and Dianne Rochenski, in upstate NY, a Vegan activist who will be discussing her vegan journey to sobriety, and also The Boomerang Effect (what humanity does to the other animals, inevitably & eventually boomerangs/returns back to humanity – which serves as a mirror reflection of our own actions; either perpetuating carniste vibrations of crises, fear, pain, suffering, injustice, trauma, betrayal, exploitation, oppression, misogyny, discrimination, and violence in the human arena, or perpetuating Vegan vibrations of love, peace, joy, harmony, respect, egalitarianism, trust, and sustainability, based on “as we sow we reap”.

Photo of Lanni & Dustin with their son, Satori Rising.



Photo of Dianne’s Tiny Belle listening to Vegan Nation radio: