05/17/18 Yvonne & Julian Gibson-Serrette

Image may contain: Julian Gibson-Serrette and Yvonne Gibson-Serrette, people smiling, text

VEGAN NATION RADIO USA 91.3 FM, On-Air every Thursday 4PM~4:30PM ET, hosted by Marlene Narrow WCUW Worcester, Massachusetts. Archived shows: vegansradio.wordpress.com andwcuw.org/vegannation. May 17, 2018, Interviews with Julian Gibson-Serrette and Yvonne Gibson-Serrette, a Vegan couple who co-own Superfit Gym in Florida. They are AR activists.  Julian is also a poet; and Yvonne is also the Florida Events Coordinator  for The Humane Party.

Thank you for caring enough to hear and be heard.