Susan Craig. Happy Chihuahua Acres. Veganic. 4-04-23

Vegan Nation features an interview with Dr. Susan Craig in California. Tune in Tuesday, April 4, 2023, WCUW 91.3 FM. Listen worldwide online: 4 pm Eastern Daylight Time. Hosted by Marlene Narrrow, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA.

Vegan Nation is a weekly, 1/2 hour radio show featuring vegan music, news, events & interviews. On-Air since 2015. Archived shows can be heard anytime at: Vegan Nation embraces the philosophy of deep veganism – human freedom & world peace require animal liberation (as we sow we reap). Thank you for for caring enough to hear & be heard, and for your Vegan activism. Music in this April 4th episode includes DJ CaveM, and also Will Tuttle.

Dr. Susan Craig stopped eating all animal products 33 years ago as a commitment to nonviolence towards all beings. In 2017 her Northern California home was destroyed in a massive wildfire that killed 44 people. She was able to evacuate all of her rescued chihuahuas and cats to safety with the exception of a feral cat who survived the fire and was retrieved a month later. 

Susan relocated to an off-grid homestead in rural Northern California which she named Happy Chihuahua Acres. She has studied veganic and sustainable Grow Biointensive gardening practices, grows much of her own food, and teaches veganic gardening classes. Susan is a founding member of the recently established North American Veganic Certification Standard and her mini-farm is Certified Veganic. Along with her mini-farm, Susan has a private sanctuary for rescued animals. She has eight dogs, five cats, and four goats. Susan has taught yoga for 17 years and is a World Peace Diet Facilitator.

A retired educator, Susan’s highest priorities at this point in her life are to advocate for the animals and the Earth. Specifically, through educating others about the urgent necessity of going vegan for the animals and the environment, sustainable living through growing one’s own food veganically, and through raising awareness about climate engineering, a widespread yet little acknowledged practice that is a key factor in the unfolding biosphere collapse. 

WCUW 91.3 FM The Lobe newsletter announces Dr. Craig’s interview.

Photos: root cellar, and Lupa