Vegan Earth Day March. Vegan Music – April 11, 2023

LISTEN TO THE REPLAY (1/2 hour audio) at the link above.

Vegan Nation, April 11th radio broadcast. Announcing the International Vegan Earth Day March; and also the New England VegFest Volunteer Get-Together at The Vegan Nest Cafe (Clinton, Massachusetts). Hear about these upcoming events, great vegan music and more. Music includes DJ CaveM Moetavation, Revery Rose (Rowyn D’Agostino), and Vegan Smythe. Additional VEDM events that have signed on since this April 11th Vegan Nation radio broadcast include: Washington D.C., USA; Orizaba, Mexico; Neuquen, Argentina; Vienna, Austria; Stockholm, Sweden; Lusaka, Zambia; and Pune, Thane, Delhi, Sasaram, Rishikesh, India.

Vegan Nation is a 1/2 hour radio show, On-Air WCUW 91.3 FM (online: every Tuesday, 4 pm EDT. Hosted by Marlene Narrow, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA. Archived shows can be heard anytime at Thank you for listening, and for caring enough to hear & be heard. Vegan Nation embraces the philosophy of deep veganism: Human freedom & world peace requires animal liberation. As we sow we reap.

This WCUW 91.3 FM recording is 1 HOUR. It includes the Vegan Nation April 11th show (4 pm), and the rebroadcast (starting at 4:30 pm) of April 4th show.

This WCUW 91.3 FM recording is 1 HOUR. It includes the rebroadcast of April 11th Vegan Nation show (4:30 pm), which includes information about the Vegan Earth Day March, and the April 18th show (4 pm).

Vegan Nation poster credits: Artwork “Gluttony” by Tracey Northern. Photo courtesy of Dr. Susan Craig. Last week’s show includes the interview with Dr. Susan Craig, one of the 3 founding members of the Northern American Veganic Certification Standard. Susan offers free veganic gardening lessons, online. A retired educator, Susan’s highest priorities at this point in her life are to advocate for the animals and the Earth. Specifically, through educating others about the urgent necessity of going vegan for the animals and the environment, sustainable living through growing one’s own food veganically, and through raising awareness about climate engineering, a widespread yet little acknowledged practice that is a key factor in the unfolding biosphere collapse.  Below is the replay of Dr. Susan Craig’s Vegan Nation interview (April 4, 2023):